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Herbal Heena

  • This herbal mehandi is an addition to the basic properties of mehandi and is containing a mixtre of several herbs.
  • This mixture will help in the growth of hairs and strengthening the roots. It is also effective in reducing hairfall and eradicating dandruff.
  • This is a complete ayurvedic mixture.

Herbal Mehandi

Benefits of Mehandi Powder:
1) Strengthen your hair
2) Gives natural shine
3) Covers grey hair
4) Makes the hair thicker
5) Nourishes split ends
6) Conditions the hair

Ubtan Powder

Benefits of Ubtan Powder:
1) Deeply cleanses skin pores
2) Restores moisture of skin
3) Reduces acne spots
4) Gives lighter skin tone
5) Fights skin anti-aging
6) Naturally tones your skin

Indigo Powder

Benefits of Indigo Powder:
1) Prevents immature greying
2) Increase in hair growth
3) Fights dandruff
4) Prevents scalp infections
5) Makes the hair shiny
6) Conditions the hair

Herbal Henna Cone

  • 100% Natural and Chemical Dye Free Herbal Henna Cone from Shalini Mehandi Udhyog.
  • Made from all natural herbal based ingredients and from the finest pure quality henna leaves.
  • No chemical dye added. No chemical dyes were used in the making of this product.
  • Each pack comes with 12 individual cones. Each individual cone comes ready to use.
  • Each cone has a shelf life of 1 year. The cones can be refrigerated to prolong the shelf life.
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